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Freedom Ranch Homestead

We moved from the city of Raleigh, North Carolina to start a new life in the countryside of South Western Virginia. We began documenting the experience of starting a homestead from scratch for our family and friends, posting videos of our journey on our YouTube channel.  Little did we know that others would enjoy watching our advenures as well. 


Chuck, raised on a diary farm in Wisconsin, always wanted to return to his roots of working the land.  Brooke, raised on the beaches of La Jolla, California, has learned how satisfying life could be away from a big city.  Our children, Christian, Gabe and Brie have grown immensely from the change of lifestyle and have fully embraced life in the country.

After experiencing the blessings this beautiful piece of property has afforded us, we have decided to share it with the wider community, thus creating our non-profit The Refuge at Freedom Ranch.


Follow us on our journey of creating a homestead on pristine land in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.  From city living to a country life, we learn step by step how to build a homestead, including a yurt, log home and all the infrastructure needed to raise animals, all the while becoming closer as a family.

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